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Welcome. This is a site for people of all ages who love to read good writing, whether it's fiction or non-fiction. I create both, as a freelance writer and as a novelist and story-teller. If you're interested in working with an excellent writer in your business ventures, visit this page. If it's fiction you're after, read on.

My specialty in fiction is fantasy and science fiction, but I enjoy reading any type of story, as long as the characters are lively, the action is entertaining, the locale is intriguing, and the themes are important to me. In other words, my literature has to be entertaining, believable, and intelligent, both in content and in style. And that's the kind of story I try to write. If you feel the same way about what you read (and write), I hope you'll browse the other pages here and come back occasionally to see what's new and different.

Dean Whitlock


P.S. If you're interested in theater – or murder – check out Murder! O, Murder!. It tells how to produce a murder mystery weekend. (I can write a script for you, too.)

Another of my novelettes is being printed in France, in the second anthology of Arthurian tales by editor Lucie Chenu. The new collection, Et d'Avalon à Camelot, will be released in June by publisher Terre de Brume. Click here to check out the first anthology in the series.

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